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Schools use our program in various ways. In this climate of limited budgets that we live in, the primary way that it can be used is in “Fund Raising’. We can tailor the program to improve what you are currently doing for fund raising (by improve we mean make you more money and build desire in your students, and parents to help their school). In certain scenarios the program can come to your school as “Free Stuff”. Many will also use our programs in a plan to reward students for various achievements. Some will use our program for “Team Building” amongst students or staff. Inservice, Staff Appreciation, Retirement Parties… Field Days, Carnivals, Family Fun Nights, Open House, Referendum Rallies… Many events can be enhanced by us for FREE if you do your fund raising through us! You can talk to your local rep to see how we can work within your situation.


Church groups have many uses for the games of the “Green and Gold Experience”.   We realize that budgets are of huge importance for this group of clients.

IF YOUR CHURCH HAS A SCHOOL AFFILIATION, please check with us to receive huge discounts and even FREE STUFF if you can use us for your fund raising.  Your school probably does some fund raising currently, and switching it over to our company means more money for your school, guaranteed, AND free or reduced billing on our Green and Gold games.

  • Carnivals, Field Days, Fund Raising, Recruitment Rallies, Sports Tournaments…
  • Reward Days, Team Building, Advertising, Vacation Bible School…
  • Church Picnics, MOPS Programs, Youth Events, Celebrations of all kinds…

Churches are our favorite clients and always receive discounts, call us 1-800-569-6833


Most towns and villages in Wisconsin have something to celebrate, and we sure know how to “celebrate”.  The more people we can draw, the better the party, and what draws better in Wisconsin than the Green and Gold?   Look around you today and see how many t-shirts, ball caps, bumper stickers, etc. that you see promoting a Green and Gold football theme?  If you want that drawing power for your event, why not call us and check out the items that we have to offer.

Our event draws the whole family!   It encourages parents and grand parents to come out and bring the kids.  It encourages young adults and sport fans to attend.  Football is America’s game, and everyone loves it, so the football theme fits in with any other kind of fun that you want to have.   Rent one game to keep the kids busy, or rent the whole experience to make it a focal point of the celebration. 

We know budgets are tight and we will work with you.  If you think you are going to save money by renting a bounce at a “rent-all” location, check your insurance.  We carry over two million dollars of liability insurance.  Hiring professionals is the safest, most hassle free, and the most cost effective in the long run.  We can even arrange an appearance by a Green Bay Packer Player. 


The Green and Gold Experience has many corporate applications, but the main themes are always the same.  We are about bringing people together through fun and excitement.  Our program can draw them out to the company picnic, and it can keep them interested in a team building program to improve your staff.  Corporate applications are endless but a few are listed here to start your thinking.

  • Company Picnics, Retirement Parties or other Celebrations.
  • Team Building activities, or Reward Sessions for your Staff
  • Advertising for Grand Openings, Corporate Celebrations, Promotions, etc.
  • Reach “Youth Markets”, “Sports Fans”, or other demographics when you advertise with a banner or mascot at some of our many events.

Want a Green Bay Packer player to attend?  We can work that out also.

Back Yard

Give us a call for quotes on backyard birthday parties, celebrations or other events.  We will deliver to your location and pick up.  You can trust us to stress safety and courtesy.   We will work with you on the rates, but we want to maintain the integrity and quality of our games so we don’t allow customers to transport our rides on their own.  We are fully insured, and that should mean something to you especially if you have invited guests. Ask the local “Rent-All” place about liability insurance for your guests, your homeowners policy is usually liable, but not with us.

  • Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Anniversaries, Graduations.
  • Sports Tournaments, Team “Get Togethers” Green and Gold Parties.
  • Green and Gold Games or other colorful games from $180 depending on the location and usage.

Give us a call 1-800-569-6833 and let’s talk about the event that you are planning.