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Fund Raising -

This is really our specialty...
We have helped literally thousands of groups and organizations (mostly schools), over 30 years of service. We help groups make a few hundred or many thousands of dollars, depending on their size and needs. It is always a fun, “team building” experience.

You can fund raise in a number of ways using our programs, if you will just give us a call with your information we can then more accurately diagnose and prescribe a number of possibilities for you!

How much money do you want to raise?

What is your time table?

How many people are you trying to reach?

How many people are in the sponsoring organization?

Do you have any resources to invest in the project? (Money, or people, or location, or tradition, etc..)

Have these things in mind when you call. 1-800-569-6833 or visit
We have a huge list of references we have gathered over the years. We don’t publish them here, because our competitors will pester them, but we will put you in touch with them, if it is appropriate.


We increased our profits by more than $40,000 in one year!
Todd Van Order, Coulee Catholic Schools