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What We Have

Each activity or game listed below has a label in parenthesis next to the dimensions.

"Attendant" activities require one of our people to attend them rather than one of your volunteers, what we pay this person will add to your price. Starting at $75.

"Backyard" activities designed for home use or small parties, they can be combined into other large events also. Starting at $100.

"Regular" along with "backyard" are the least expensive activities and price will be determined by distance to delivery and hours used. Starting at $189.

"Large" is the next step up and will have a larger price. Rental price is determined by the distance to delivery and the hours used. Starting at $300.

"Giant" activities are just that, they will thrill and impress! These are mostly used for giant events like our Green and Gold Experience, but can be rented separately. Starting at $500.

"Midway" games are small table top contests and games like in a carnival midway. Starting at $35 each.

These are just guidelines and you should call for quotes, packages, and discounts. (also see packages and pricing).

Cow Belly Bouncer "Regular" (15'L x 19'w x 14'h)
This "moonwalk" type bouncer is not only great fun for the kids but can be used for themes or advertising. Great for Dairy Events and Cheese Festivals or to be used at the super market to draw them in. One 20 amp blower.

Touchdown Challenge Obstacle Course (“Giant”- 18’H x 12’W x 50’L)
This giant attention getter, is over 50Ft. long and more than 18ft. tall!!! It will be the “show stopper”, “mouth dropper”, for your event PLUS it will handle the most traffic. Participants race two by two through the various challenges. You can usually start a new pair of participants approx. each minute! This means over 120 riders per hour! The huge, 18’ tall football player can be seen from a long way away and should be placed in an area where you can “show it off”. It needs two 15 amp circuits and should also have two supervisors, one at each end of the game. You can order it alone, or with one of our popular packages. Check out Packages & Pricing or Free Stuff.

Mega Sports Play Challenge (“Large”- 14’H x 35’W x 17L)
Football, Baseball, Basketball, and even Soccer can all be played on this sports center. You can charge to play, you can give prizes, or your can give raffle tickets and have drawings after the event. Surely you can come up with even more ways to use this winner to entertain and profit your group and participants. You should have 2 or 3 attendants and the game requires one 15 amp circuit. You can throw, kick, pass and shoot till your arms and legs fall off

Down and Out (“Large” – 12’H x 19’W x 19L)
Everyone dreams of making a fantastic diving catch in front of a crowd of cheering fans, both guys and gals love to try this activity. Each makes the attempt with their own style and their own degree of effort. They can try over and over till they get it right or get too tired. They cheer each other on, they imagine new and better ways to make the dive, and maybe make the catch. There must be a person that you know that is a “closet quarterback, Brett Favre wanna be”! All you need to do is give that person a few footballs and have the kids line up. It will be quite a show! Have your camera ready, we have some great pictures from this game. It needs only one 15 amp circuit.

The Defender Dome (“Giant” – 18’H x 34’W x 34’L)
This unique game will be a draw for older students and adults. The enclosed playing field is dynamite to those who love action and laughter. Inside the giant playing area is a sloped floor that acts as a “ball return” for the balls inside. Each player defends his own goal while he or she tries to throw or kick the balls into their competitor’s goal. The game also has four basketball hoops inside. The bounce bottom allows the players to slam and jam if they play basketball. This is a great game for wedding receptions, company picnics, post prom, homecoming and other “older participants”.

Footbrawlers (“Attendant Game” 6’H x 12’ x12’)
Footbrawlers are designed as a stack of inflatable tubes which make it easy to get into.  Simply slip the entire inflated Footbrawler over the players head and the top ring will come to rest on the players shoulder which completely cocoons the player from shoulder to below the knee....There are a series of fabric handles inside at 3 different levels to accommodate all grasping the internal handles the players are able to easily lift and direct the 13lb inflatable Footbrawler to the touchdown area. The object is have one Footbrawler be the runner with the Velcro attached football...and the other Footbrawler be the tackler in a 3-5yard End zone dive play...Players cannot run very fast...movements are more like quick feet of a Flintstone shuffle.  The object would be for the Footbrawler Tackler (Defender) to either bump the Runner over on their side or bump them out of bounds.   Footbrawlers are rented in pairs, add more Footbrawlers as blockers for the runner and tacklers for the defense for 3 on 3 competitions. Great for Super Bowl Promotions and various Larger Football Promotions with Radio stations and Marketing/Advertising Companies. Competitions. No Special Mats are required like in Sumo Wrestling...since each player is completely protected in an inflatable cocoon from shoulders to mid knee that is easy to get into and out of.  Different sizes are adjusted for by adding/subtracting single and double tubes by a wrap around heavy duty #10 plastic  zipper.  So each Footbrawler is a One Size Fits All Design. Great for “team building activities” for both adult and student team building.

The Moonwalk (“Regular” – 14’H x 15’ x 15’)
The traditional, moonwalk , bounce house, or moon bounce Whatever you call it. The bottom line is fun, for the bouncers and for the spectators who will take lots of pictures as the participants have “mega fun” at your “mega party”! This size can hold five small bouncers as they jump, bounce, and spring into safe and secure play. You only need one adult supervisor who can keep order and the line moving so that everyone gets plenty of time in this “party game”. The banner above will highlight your “Green and Gold” event so that everyone will remember where they were and where they want to come back to next time when you hold your special function. This can also be used inexpensively for your backyard birthday parties, family reunions, graduation parties, post prom, company picnics, or other special events. This game is so popular that we have a couple of them and can usually meet all of your needs. It requires only one 15 amp circuit.

Giant Fire Truck Slide ("Giant") 24' high x 15' wide x 35' long)
This game is actually taller than our "Giant Slide Combo" and is our tallest! It will attract visitors to your event and also to the game to purchase a ticket. This is a "must" for "Fireman's Festivals and Picnics". This slide will hold riders up to 250 pounds! When you call ask about our "budget beater" and wristband program.

Giant Slide Bounce Combo (“Giant” – 22’H x 13’W x 35’L)
This giant “Slide-Bounce Combo” is a “giant inflatable”. It stands 22’ tall and can be seen from a long ways away to attract attention to your event! Think about hanging your banner on it for “advertising”! It is very exciting to look at, and it brings out the adventurous spirit in both adult bouncers, and adventurous sliders. The slide has almost a 60 degree angle and generates mega speed as the sliders swoop down and finish with a flourish. The moon bounce below is sectioned off so that the bouncers can watch the sliders as they come down, but yet are safe from a crash with the other “fun seekers”. This huge slide, which is the king of “blow up games”, could be a stand alone attraction, or part of the huge “Green and Gold Experience”. Think about how much fun your “school staff” could have using this “after school”, or use as a “team building” exercise! Two 20 amp blowers.

Slides to Go (“Regular”, green slide is 20’L x 14’w x 16’h)
(“Large”, blue slide is 22’L x 15’w x 18’h)
Classic slide games are the most popular still. You can choose from these affordable slides to use for back yard parties.
Slides also make great additions to other activities in a larger event. Requires adult supervision and one 20 amp blower.

5 n 1 Slide Bounce Combo (Large 18’ h x 16’L x 16’w)
This large “Back Yard Slide-Bounce Combo is a unique 5 games in one! It is a 15’ slide, a moon bounce, has climbing wall, obstacle dummies, and a basketball hoop. This game is a great value for the money spent. It serves all ages of children and lots of children can participate in short time. It has good size and does use two 20 amp blowers.

Miniature Helmet Bounce (“Back Yard” 10’ in diameter x 7’ High)
This cute little bounce is designed for ages 2 to 5 years old. It is for the tiny kids. It is mostly used to add variety to a larger event but can also be used in a home setting for smaller children. Can also be used to advertise sports events. Requires one 15 amp blower.

Inflatable Slip N’ Slide (“Back Yard” 20’Lx 5’w x 3’h)
This classic game can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Great for reunions, graduations, or company picnics.
You provide the hose and baby shampoo to lather it all up. Requires one 20 amp blower.

Mini Castle Bounce Slide Combo (“Back Yard” 15’L x 18’w x 10’h)
A “bounce and slide combo” designed for ages 3-6 year olds although older ones would play for a little while on it.
Great for parties or to add to a larger event to accommodate the little ones in the crowd. Requires one 20 amp blower.

Bugs Life Obstacle Course (“Large” 35’L x 15’w x 14’h)
A fun and affordable obstacle course to combo with other games in a large event, or even as a stand alone. This game will move the riders through very fast and efficiently. Great for kids in the 5-12 year old age group although it will handle larger people up to 200 lbs. Nice bright colors. Needs adult supervision and two 20 amp blowers.

The Cheese Maze (“Giant” – 12’H x 19’W x 19’L)
The Cheese Maze - “Cheese Heads” paradise this is! Our giant round of inflatable Swiss cheese is an awesome “one of kind” interactive game! Anyone can rent you a “bounce house” but only the “Green and Gold Experience” can rent you the Cheese Maze. This game is also a giant inflatable, it has holes and maze tunnels inside that are challenges to young and old. What a great inflatable advertising piece for a “business grand opening” or to hang your banner on during our many events. Advertising space is available on all games, just call us with your advertising needs or requests. Two 20 amp blowers.

“Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em”, “Jousting Lineman” (“Large” - 12’H x 25’W x 25’L)
The “Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em”, “Jousting Lineman” Game - lets you match up with your favorite partner and go “head to head”. Kind of played like “King of the Hill” but you work from and land on, a cushion of air. The pugle sticks are totally padded to make for good, competitive, clean, safe, FUN! The joust game needs one supervisor (referee) and two 20 amp blower.

The Money Machine (“Attendant Game” 12’H x 8’W x 6’L)
The Money Machine, Cash Vault, Cash Tornado, Balloon Typhoon, or any other name you want to call it. This game means excitement for your event or promotion. It has two blowers, one to hold up the game and one to blow around the cash or balloons, or coupons or tickets, or whatever else you want to put inside and blow around. It has plenty of room inside for one adult or even two children to move around easily. It catches attention, wherever it goes. It will attract attention even while it is just sitting and running empty. Can be used in a reward party, special promotion, grand opening, or advertising venue. It is usually a part of our Green and Gold Experience.

The Triple Bungee Run (“Large” 8’H x 15’W x 32’L)
The Triple Bungee Run is three times the fun! Three contestants at one time see how far they can run down the inflatable runway. The further they go, the stronger the tension gets on the bungee cord that is tethered to the back of their harness. When they reach the furthest point, the bungee cord takes over and propels them backwards from where they came from. Bungee games are always popular and exciting and this one is a lot safer than most, (but don’t tell your participants, they want the adventure). This game brings many opportunities for photo ops. It is triple fun, to watch them all spring backwards at different times but during the same game! Boing, Boing, Boing!

The Green and Gold “Soccer/Futbol” (“Regular” 14’H x 13’W x 21’L)
The green and Gold Soccer/Futbol game can be played with international football (soccer) or with American football. It is an exciting test of skill, quickness and accuracy under pressure. Two players square off at a time and duel till one is eliminated, they can kick or throw depending on what suits the organization best. A large, good looking, attention getting game that accents the other Green and Gold games to form quite a package! Takes only one 20 amp blower to power.

Inflatable Goal Post ("Attendant" 16'H x 12'W x 20'L)
Use this inflatable goal post for promotion, advertising, or for just for fun. It makes a great addition to a theme party, or homecoming. It operates on one small blower but is very stable. It draws lots of attention and everyone likes to pretend they are kicking the winning field goal in a big game. Ages 9 to adult can usually kick it up over the crossbar.

Air Brush Face Painting and Body Tattoos (“Attendant” 6’H x 5’W x6’L (need one table, two chairs and electric outlet)
We have the air guns and stencils to paint every face in the place! Kids love these easy works of art. We provide the expert who knows how to make it happen and keep the ball rolling. This is a high volume activity and is made for that type of action. We can paint 2 to 3 per minute or approximately 100 per hour. If you have the traffic, we can handle it. This is great money maker if you want to sell tickets for it, or you can just make it an offering at your event to liven things up. You can’t help but smile when you see more and more kids wearing these cute designs. You can also make or buy your own stencils for sporting events or special occasions. Great for ball tournaments, church or school events, and carnival applications. We send it out complete with a painter from our company. We do lots of “Green and Gold” face paints and tattoos at our events, you can be sure.

"Build A Buddy" ("Attendant" 6'H x 4'W x 8'L)
“Build A Buddy” animal stuffing machine! This is the "real deal" just like they have in the "mall". There are many ways that we can arrange the rental of this unit. This can be a money maker for your group, or you can offer it as a service to those kids that can't afford the $50-$60-$70 bear building experience in the mall.

Let’s talk about the possibilities…

For a limited time! You can get the “Build a Buddy Event” FREE when you send home a pre order form to let parents know it will be at your event. Call for details 800-569-6833.

Dance, Dance, Revolution ("Attendant" 7'H x 6'W x 10'L)
Arcade style "Dance, Dance, Revolution (DDR) is a blast for all ages! We have two arcade style dance pads, so you can have competitions if you like.
The game will keep high score in memory and consequently there are many uses for this event. Great for dances, promotions, post prom, homecoming, birthday parties, or company picnics! We also make it a part of our Green and Gold Experience if you request. A table and electric outlet are needed. Not for use outdoors.

"Guitar Hero" ("Attendant" 7'H x 6'W x 10'L) "Guitar Hero" is a popular addition to any event. Dueling guitars score points and jam with the tunes at the same time. This is as much fun to watch as it is to play. You can have contests, give prizes, or just use it to keep activity going. Great for dances, post prom, graduation, homecoming, etc. Not for use outdoors. We need a table and electric power.

Sassy Splash ("Attendant" 10'H x 14'W x 15'L)
Our "Sassy Splash" game does the work of a dunk tank at a fraction of the cost. When the players throw hits the target, a water balloon breaks over the victim's head. Participants both young and old love to see the sassy one get splashed. They will line up and pay over and over again when the right person is under the water balloon. Great for company picnics, school
carnivals, homecoming or other events. We can use this game indoors or out, and it needs no electric power.

Midway Carnival Games
Midway Carnival Games may be added to your carnival, fun fair, family night, or whatever event you choose. We have a great collection of classic, fun, and appropriate games. Most are done in the green and gold colors to coordinate and theme your event. We have Putting Games, and Ring Toss, Stand Up the Bottle, Quarterback Challenge, Seven—Eleven, and many other classics. Midway Carnival games are great for adding to your inflatables or other activities inexpensively. You can add any Midway Carnival game for only $30 when you rent inflatable games from us.

Potty Toss - “Midway” 7’H x 6’w x 10’L how many teams you can toss in the potty? We have small rolls of toilet paper wrapped up in team stickers and decals. Bury the Bears in the bowl, victimize the Vikings, and lose the Lions last of all. Get Points for the Packers. This game is fun for all ages!

Ring Toss – “Midway” 7’ H x 6’W x 10’L”
The Ring Toss is a traditional carnival game of skill. See how many rings you can toss over the stand up stakes. You can make it easy or hard depending on the age of your players by either moving them back away from the stakes, or by requiring more rings per turn. All ages.

Pop the Pimple (“Midway” 7’H x 6’W x 8’L)
The Pop The Pimple game his unique game uses magnetic darts that are thrown underhand at a picture of a pimple faced boy. The idea is to help him out and get the darts to land on his pimples and pop them. Players get points for each dart that lands on a pimple. Make it easy or make it hard by adjusting the distance or number of darts required. Ages 6 to 60 and up.

Bottle Stand (“Midway” 7’H x 6’W x 6’L)
The Bottle Stand another carnival favorite that requires the player to stand up a steel milk bottle with a “fishing pole” that has a ring tied on the end. The game is a little tricky as you try to balance the bottle with the pole, string and ring. It is even more challenging when you give them a time limit. Suitable for ages 6-60 and up.

Quarterback Challenge (“Midway” 7’H x 6’W x 10” L)
Small wiffle balls are tossed to painted pictures of football receivers. Their hands are stretched to reach the hole that you will try to get the pass through. Give points for all of the balls that go through the holes and wind up in the tub. All ages can play by moving the passer closer or further away from the game to make it more difficult.

Practice Putting Game (“Midway” 7’H x 5’W x 8’L)
This mini golf game is a favorite for all ages. Award prizes or tickets based on how many putts they sink. Good game for adults and children.

Tip the Linemen game (“Midway 7’H x 3’W x 7’L)
Using a shuffleboard puck the player tries to tip over the linemen that are dangling before him. If he hits them just right he might get two or three over in one shot. You can make it as hard or easy as you like by giving them more or less chances to get all the linemen tipped over. All ages can play this game.

Bozo Buckets Game (“Midway” 7’H x 3’W x !0’L)
An old favorite from the Bozo the Clown show. Kids from all over the country played this game on TV to win prizes. The player uses a ping pong ball or small practice golf (wiffle) ball. They try to get balls in the buckets consecutively. The balls want to bounce out of the buckets when they hit so it can be quite a challenge. Children 5 years old and up should be skilled enough for this game and of course ours is in Green and Gold!

Green and Gold “Corn Hole Games” (“Midway” 7’H x 4’W x 12’L)
This game is a rage among campers and back yard enthusiasts. It is a more portable and manageable version of horseshoes. You can set the rules up however you wish. The object is to get the beanbag in the hole on the playing board. You can have them make 2 of 3 or keep score or whatever. All ages can play.

Seven/Eleven Math Game (“Midway” 7’H x 3’W x 8’L)
Players have to think and throw in this game. The have to use all three balls to toss into the numbered slots. After the first two balls they can “do the math” to figure out where the third ball must land in order to add up to seven or eleven”. This age group starts at 7 or 8 years old depending on math skills or the help available to supervise.

Plastic Dart Game (“Midway” 7’H x 4’W x 10’L)
Safe plastic darts are used in this popular game. This is good introduction to a classic game for younger children. Sturdy mounted boards can be used most anywhere and used to play any kind of game. Set a level for prizes or do a competition! Older children, 8 years and up.

Double Shot Basketball (“Attendant” 10’H x 8’W x 10’L)
This is another popular and classic arcade game. Two players shoot at the same time at their own basket and see who can make the most the fastest. No great skill is needed to get the ball in the hoop. Kids from 7 years on up should have the skill level to participate. Be warned though, lots of adults like this game as well.

Spinning “Prize Wheel” (“Midway” Table Top 3’H x 3’W)
A must for most carnivals and events. Ours has colors so that you can set up your own prize system, you can be creative or ask us for some ideas. All ages love to play and even watch this game.

Picture with the Pack (Area needed will be 8’H x 4’W x 8’L)
This picture taking opportunity will generate some great memories. Be prepared to snap lots of photos. We will provide this event free (upon request) for those groups that are spending $1000 or more with us renting our games.

Dee Jay Service
We will Dee Jay all of the full package Green and Gold Experience events. If you would like our service for your carnival, fun fair, dance or other event just let us know. We feature a huge sound system, strobe light, and wireless microphone. We have lots of music downloaded and specialize in the interactive dances like Macarena, "Cha Cha" Slide, Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, etc… We can handle your suggestions in advance for the type of music desired or you can just leave it to our experience. We also supply prizes for the crowd to keep them going strong and participating. We provide Mardi Gras beads, penny candy, whistles, stuffies and other items to liven up your event. Dee Jay Service is an additional $350.00 unless other arrangements are made.